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TRANSOM™ Wins E-ATP Product Demo Competition

Budapest, Hungary Friday September 26, 2014 - Mountain Measurement is pleased to announce that TRANSOM™ was the winner of the Product Demonstration Competition at the European Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP) conference. The competition which included the CITO Groupís Questify showcased some of the leading technology products in the assessment industry. The winner was determined by a vote of the conference attendees.

"Winning this competition validates Mountain Measurementís position as a leader in psychometrics and TRANSOM as a reporting tool," stated Mountain Measurementís CEO, Brian D. Bontempo, Ph.D. Positioned as a unique product in the testing and assessment industry, TRANSOMís most attractive feature is data visualization. Brian believes that "By using data visualization, TRANSOM is helping all test users interpret testing data in ways never before possible."

TRANSOM is a test results management system which uses item level test results to provide business intelligence to the assessment industry. It features a full suite of psychometric analytics and cutting edge data visualizations which are embedded into an integrated suite of reports targeted to test takers, educators, principals, government regulators, psychometricians, and program sponsors.

Recent advances to TRANSOM include Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring for groups, a comprehensive flagging system, and of course, a few new data visualizations. The new Test Performance Maps, Topic Performance Word Clouds, Group Bubble Charts, and Educational Program Performance Box and Dot Plots bring some of the latest advances in data visualization to the testing industry.

Figure 1. This is a sample of a box and dots plot, one of the many new data visualizations found in TRANSOM. (Click image to enlarge.)

box and dots plot

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