Mountain Measurement’s first attempt to help nursing programs to interpret the information found in the NCLEX Program Reports was a total success. Look for the slide deck on the NCLEX Program Reports website in a few days.

We also received lots of wonderful ideas from the users about report enhancements. The following were ideas that the crowd suggested. After each one, I’ll make some comment.

1.) Add information about the failing candidates – This is a really good suggestion. I envision reporting the performance of the median failers. Although this is a really good idea, the data may render this info useless. That is, many programs have a small number of failers making it impossible for us to report stable stats. These small samples are more susceptible to extreme scores as well. Regardless, we’ll certainly look into this.

2.) Provide information about repeat test takers – This idea will have some challenges but is certainly noteworthy. The current NCLEX Program Reports only include information about first-time test takers. If we were to provide a separate section on repeat test takers, this might allow programs to understand how they could help their most challenged students to pass the exam. As with the above suggestion, the fact that there are very few repeat test takers per program may render this idea useless. Still, we won’t know this until we investigate it further.

3.) Report performance by quartile – This is another fantastic idea. There are so many ways that this could be accomplished that we’ll need to spend some time playing around with this idea before we get it right.

4.) Number of days between graduation and testing – This is another good idea although this one seems far more difficult to implement. The first hurdle will be collecting graduation date since there is no mechanism to collect data from the schools at this time. In addition, some schools are now testing before graduation while other schools have a rolling graduation.

Many thanks to the individuals that made these suggestions. If you have any ideas, please contact Mountain Measurement at your convenience.