NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

301/302 ‐ Using the NCLEX® Test Plan and Content Dimensions to Understand the Challenges and Opportunities Identified by the NCLEX® Program Reports

The purpose of this seminar is to increase the participants' knowledge of the concepts, topics, scenarios, tasks, and activities that are covered by each of the NCLEX® Test Plan and NCLEX Content Dimension areas. The 301/302 course picks up where the 201 course ends by helping nursing educators who have identified the weak areas of their program's performance understand, in-depth, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that pertain to each topic outlined in Chapters 4 and 5 of the NCLEX® Program Reports. The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 301/302 seminar are:

  1. Nursing Frameworks
    • What is a framework?
    • The NCLEX® Program Reports framwork
    • Other nursing frameworks
    • Aligning the NCLEX® Program Reports framework with other frameworks
  2. Importance and Relevance of the NCLEX® Test Plan for Successful in Nursing Education
    • Theoretical Venn Diagram of Teaching, Practice, Examination
    • The NCLEX® Framework
    • NCLEX® Job Task Analysis
    • Staying Current with the NCLEX® Detailed Test Plan
    • Validity NCLEX® Items
    • This is not teaching to the test
  3. The Detailed NCLEX® Test Plan
    • Structure of the document
    • Activity Statements
    • Related Content
    • Associated KSAs
  4. The NCLEX® Program Reports Content Dimensions
    • Activity statements
    • Related Content
    • Associated KSAs
  5. Leading your faculty through a Content Analysis
    • Analyzing the Detailed NCLEX® Test Plan
    • Analyzing the NCLEX® Program Reports Content Dimensions

This NCLEX® Program Reports seminar includes a mix of presentations, discussion, and group exercises designed to maximize learning.

In order to register for this course, participants must have completed the 101 - "An Introduction to the NCLEX® Program Reports" and 201 - "Analyzing and Interpreting your NCLEX® Program Reports" courses.

All participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their NCLEX® Program Reports.