NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

401 ‐ Successful Program Evaluation Using the NCLEX® Program Reports

The purpose of this seminar is to increase the participants’ knowledge of nursing program evaluation. The 401 course picks up where the 301/302 course ends by helping nursing educators to identify or create solutions to improve their program. The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 401 seminar are:

  1. Program Evaluation 101
    • Program evaluation terminology ( lingo
    • Overview of the program evaluation process
    • Program evaluation methods
    • Developing a culture of program evaluation
  2. Data Driven Program Evaluation
    • The value of data driven program evaluation
    • Developing a data driven program evaluation system/culture
    • Navigating your program's system/culture
  3. Collecting Program Evaluation Data
    • Curriculum data
    • Cognitive processing data (Bloom's)
    • Pedagogy data
    • Learning resources data
    • Staffing data
  4. Analyzing Program Evaluation Data
    • Mapping the NCLEX Blueprint to your program's curriculum
    • Root cause analysis
    • Gap analysis
    • Gold Standards: Accreditation Standards, Regulatory Standards, Internal Standards/Benchmarks
  5. Interpreting Program Evaluation Data
    • Prioritizing findings
    • Normative comparisons
  6. Communicating program evaluation outcomes
    • Stakeholder involvement
    • Reporting the outcomes
    • Presenting the data

This NCLEX® Program Reports seminar includes a mix of presentations, discussion, and group exercises designed to maximize learning.

In order to register for this course, participants must have completed the 101 - "An Introduction to the NCLEX® Program Reports", 201 - "Analyzing and Interpreting your NCLEX® Program Reports", and 301/302 - "Understanding your Program’s Challenges and Opportunities through the NCLEX® Test Plan and Content Dimensions" courses.

All participants are strongly encouraged to bring a copy of their NCLEX® Program Reports.