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TRANSOM™ Release Notes

September 2014 Release

Analytic Engine

  • Fixed memory issue with group performance estimator


  • A new suite of default Admin reports are now available which support the forms assembly functions of TRANSOM. Admin users can track the number of items per form by key, item type, and test blueprint topic. In addition, form statistics can be reported overall or by test blueprint topic.
  • Bubble Charts and Word Clouds were added to the suite of Faculty reports, identifying examinee and program improvement areas by topic.
  • Bubble charts and Word Clouds were added to the suite of Regulator reports, identifying program and jurisdiction improvement areas by topic.


  • The Forms Assembly functions are now enabled. Admin users can assemble test forms through the manage exams section of TRANSOM.
  • The Glossary of terms was revised and updated.
  • TRANSOM has been upgraded to
    • Ubuntu 14.04.1
    • Linux Kernel 3.13.0
    • Apache 2.4.7
    • Passenger 4.0.50
    • Ruby 2.0.0
    • Rails 3.2.21
    • R 3.1.1