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TRANSOM™ Release Notes

September 2015 Release

ETL Engine

  • Functionality has been added to handle automated file import.
  • Manage Datafiles section has been added to review the status of automated file imports and transformations of raw data into TRANSOM.

Analytic Engine

  • User type of Analyst has been added to the set of user roles.
  • View Meta Analyses page has been added to schedule and monitor analyses over time.


  • Longitudinal reports have been added to display the change in test performance indicators over time.


  • User type of Standard Setting Judge has been added to the set of user roles.
  • The Standard Setting functions have been enabled. Through the Manage Standard Setting section of TRANSOM, Admin users are able to create, modify, and review statistics associated with user-inputted item ratings for use in a modified Angoff standard settings. Judge users can now log in and provide item ratings for items used in a standard setting.
  • TRANSOM has been upgraded to
    • Ubuntu 14.04.3
    • Linux Kernel 3.13.0
    • Apache 2.4.7
    • Passenger 5.0.23
    • Ruby 2.0.0
    • Rails 4.1.13
    • R 3.2.3